Monday, October 12, 2009

Amazing Cardiac Cats

It's amazing to say but the surprising Cincinnati Bengals now stand alone atop the AFC North after beating each of their division rivals over the last three weeks. What adds to the amazing story is that the Bengals beat each of these teams by three points, with each winning score coming in the last 30 seconds of the game.

In a game I did not see much to hope for, Carson Palmer, Cedric Benson, Mike Zimmer, Marvin Lewis, and Chad Ochocinco marched their team into Baltimore to play one of the best teams in the NFL and won. They defeated a very good Ravens. Not only did they beat the Ravens, but in many ways they dominated the game. Yes the 17-14 win was a come-from-behind victory, but watching the game you same the Bengals were running the ball, throwing the ball, and stopping the Ravens. If not for an amazing play by Raven's running back Rice and a pick 6 by Reed, the Ravens were shut down.

Check out some numbers that tell some of the story about the Bengal's victory this week:

* Time of possession - Bengals: 34:19, Ravens: 25:41.
* Rushing yards - Bengals: 142 yards, Ravens: 82 yards.
* Passing yards - Bengals: 261 yards, Ravens: 175 yards.
* Total yards - Bengals: 403 yards, Ravens: 257 yards.

This is what the Bengals defense and offense did against what had been the top-ranked defense and top ranked offense of the 2009 NFL.

And now this win over the Baltimore Ravens put the Bengals in first place in the AFC North.

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